Why are some of my funds (MBX) held in locked accounts?

For token sale participants, MBX tokens are locked and released over scheduled time periods. You will see your tokens in your ‘total’ and ‘locked’ accounts and they will flow to your ‘accessible’ account each month as they are released.

When will I be able to access my locked up funds?

Accessible MBX is displayed in your ‘accessible’ account. These tokens may be sent, withdrawn, or kept in your Mobie wallet. Funds held in ‘locked’ accounts can only be accessed as they are released to your ‘accessible’ account.

How do I send MBX to a friend?

Email address or Mobile number: You may send MBX to anyone by specifying an email address or mobile number. Funds sent to a non-Mobie user account will be held in a Pending status until the recipient creates a verified account with the associated email address or mobile number.
Stellar wallet address: MBX is a token on the Stellar blockchain. As such, you may send MBX to any public Stellar address once a trustline has been established. Contact [email protected] for setting up trustlines to send MBX to public addresses.

Can I trade my MBX tokens?

MBX is a Stellar based token that you may trade on any regulated exchange supporting MBX.

Do I need to store my own private keys?

You do not need to store your own private keys. Similarly to exchange accounts like Coinbase and Binance,. Mobie is a non-custodial wallet. This means that you can access your account with the security measures you are already used to (username, password, MFA).
This also means that if you forget/lose your credentials, your funds are not lost, you can simply contact [email protected] for us to help you gain access to your account.