Mobie Wallet
Below is a quick guide for buying and sending MBX.
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    You can purchase MBX on Bitmart and you can purchase wMBX on Uniswap.
  2. 2.
    If you have bought MBX, you can move them to your Mobie Wallet at
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      Select “withdraw” and then choose MBX (on Bitmart ).
      Do a test with around 5 MBX to make sure you did everything correctly. There is a fee of 200 MBX for each transaction out of Bitmart.
      You need your MobiePay MBX wallet address and your memo. Both can be found under “receive” (after you moved to the MBX tab, it is preselected on USD tab) within your wallet. Bitmart asks for a “tag” which is your personal memo.
    Always be critical and beware of scams and scammers!
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