How can I withdraw USD?

Mobie will be providing ACH/bank transfer methods for withdrawing USD in the coming months.

How can I withdraw or send my MBX?

You may withdraw MBX from your operational account by specifying a valid Stellar public address.
*Please note, that for MBX withdrawals, your receiving wallet provider may require a memo. A memo is a ‘beneficiary reference’ which is a requirement on many Stellar transactions in order for the receiving provider to allocate your funds to the correct account. Ensure you specify the correct memo when making deposits too. Mobie requires a memo on all incoming transactions.

Why can I not withdraw my funds?

MBX tokens stored in an ‘accessible’ account may be withdrawn to a valid Stellar based public address at any time.
If you are having difficulty making transactions ensure that your account meets all the verification requirements.

I've created a withdrawal from the Mobie Wallet but it hasn't processed yet?

Check your transaction history. If your withdrawal is in a ‘pending’ or ‘sending’ status, and it’s been more than an hour since the withdrawal was requested, please contact [email protected].

How long with it take for a withdrawal to process?

Withdrawals may take up to 30min to process.

I’ve tried withdrawing MBX but I get an error message

Ensure that your account meets up the verification requirements. If your ‘accessible’ MBX account is sufficiently funded and you still get an error message, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject header “Withdrawal Error.”

What are withdrawal fees?

Mobie is not charging any withdrawal fees at this time. This is subject to change.

I accidentally withdrew funds to the wrong address, can this be reversed?

If a successful withdrawal of MBX to a public address has been processed and this was either the incorrect address or you specified an incorrect memo you need to contact the provider of the recipient address for resolution. This transaction is immutable and is unfortunately out of our hands.