Token Information

Will people that have already registered for the Wallet and submitted KYC need to resubmit or will the original information just need verifying?

Only people that have not yet completed KYC will need to complete the process. Resubmission will be needed if invalid documents were rejected in the first application

Why do I not see a withdraw button in the wallet?

The withdraw button will be enabled a few days before the launch

How do I activate an external Stellar account?

Instructions for setting up and connecting your Stellar wallet can be found here

Do I need a Trustline?

Yes – if you send to an External Address you will need a Trustline to ensure your MBX tokens are authentic and to secure your transaction end to end. See more information on Trustlines directly with Stellar

What is MEMO and how does it work?

With some Stellar transactions, you will be required to complete the MEMO Field. The MEMO field needs to contain the MEMO info that is provided by your external Stellar wallet. It is crucial that you do this so that the receiving address has the proper information to allocate the funds to your account. You can find out more information about this process on our website or below under FAQs.