How do I deposit USD?

Mobie will be providing ACH/bank transfer methods for depositing USD or EUR in the coming months.

How do I deposit MBX?

In order to deposit MBX into your account from some external address, you simply need to provide your account address and include the appropriate memo on the send side.
  • To get your account address, go to your operational account, navigate to MBX, and click deposit. You may scan the QR code or copy the address directly.
  • You will notice the prompt from Mobie as to which memo you should use when making the deposit.
  • This memo will always be the same when making deposits.

I've made a deposit, why is it not reflecting?

If your deposit is not ‘Successful and Complete’ on your send side, please ask your provider why that transaction is still processing.
If your deposit is ‘Successful and Complete’ on your send side then please ensure that you used the correct memo when making the deposit. If you did not you will need to contact [email protected]

I accidentally used the incorrect memo when making an MBX deposit, how can I resolve this?

If you used the incorrect memo when making a deposit or forgot to add a memo, please contact [email protected]. Note, resolution may take 3 – 5 business days as we need to manually find and credit your funds.

My sending wallet provider does not allow me to add a memo - how do I make a deposit specifying a memo?

Not all Stellar supporting wallets have great functionality. We highly recommend using a wallet address obtained directly from you can learn how to set one up here.